How to deal with 1st Fidelity Reserve?

In January of 1988, 1st Fidelity Reserve was born as a Coin Company in Beaumont, Texas. 1st Fidelity Reserve evolved to encompass the majority of American collectible coins. The main person responsible for that goal of FFR was Pam Truax, the office manager for First Fidelity Reserve. She brought tremendous business insight, strategic ideas, and shared a true passion for the coin business. Her intelligence, relationships, and business experience helped First Fidelity Reserve to reach its goal of success.

According to her, it was like they were in the business of writing business plans than selling coins and had to adjust to lots of changes in the marketplace.1st Fidelity Reserve started experiencing major growth from the tireless work and its dedicated staff. In no time it quickly has outgrown its original location and had to move into a larger space. In a short time, 1st Fidelity Reserve became one of the largest coin distributors in the country.

Coins and the Hobby

Coin collection is a hobby of people of all ages. Different people collect coin with different aims and purposes. They may collect coins as a hobby or have a dream of having a valuable collection of coins sometime in the future. Whatever may be the reasons behind collecting coins, the collector definitely wants his collection growing over time. To meet this goal one has to know about the good and reliable sources of coins.

Most of the professional coin dealers collect coins by buying them and sell them as well, but more importantly, they also do systematic research on coins. Though anybody can start dealing in coins, these coin dealers differ from others in the field of knowledge on coins. They evaluate coins using the Sheldon System. In this system, coins are evaluated and rated on a scale ranging from 1 to 70. The lowest number 1 is given to a coin which is barely identifiable.

A beginner coin collector is always advisable to go to professional coin dealers, who have a good deal of knowledge about coins and coin collection. While buying coins from any source one should always be careful, and it is a bit safe if the selling party is some professional dealer. Usually, the professional coin dealers don’t price a coin arbitrarily on their own. They put proper research first before placing a price value on it. While some rare coins may be marked higher in price, but normally you can expect reasonable pricing from a professional dealer.

Selecting a Coin Dealer

Depending on your convenience you can decide how you would select the coin dealers for doing business. In selecting a coin dealer, if the coin collectors want to look at the coins themselves personally before taking a decision about buying it, then dealing with the local coin dealers will be suitable. Local dealers are found either by looking into local telephone directory or from the Internet. Coin dealers can be found also in coin collectors’ conventions and meetings, etc. Another source of coin dealers is among those who deal online at the Internet. Some may operate both offline as well as online. They can be located through the usual search on the Internet.

To summarize, you as a coin collector have several sources from where you can add coins to your collection. You can buy from local coin dealers; you can also buy online from 1st Fidelity Reserve which is reliable.